John Bulger

General Manager

John has a B.A., B.S. of Ed, M.B.A., and an Education Specialist Degree.  He started his career as an orchestra director in public schools, taught college after receiving an MBA, and after writing his dissertation in school finance for his Ed. S., he was an Education Finance Specialist and Director of Agency Finance at the State of Minnesota Department of Education. He has worked with school districts, school boards and school administrators throughout Minnesota on financial issues, school district consolidation, charter schools, and state finance aids and levies for 22 years. He has also been a Director of Finance for a metro area school district. As an educator, John has taught, elementary, middle school, high school, undergraduate college, and graduate school as an adjunct professor.  As a musician, John has played double bass with many community orchestras in the Twin Cities and currently plays with the Bloomington Symphony and the Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra. He has experience in management of nonprofit organizations and has been a member of a charter school board of directors and several nonprofit orchestras and organizations.  In retirement, John has consulted with school districts on facility referendums, taught double bass lessons, and began building double basses. He has completed four basses and currently working on basses 5 and 6.  He is married with 3 children and six grandchildren.