Paul Kosower

Solo Cello

Paul Kosower has been on the faculties at Indiana State University, East Carolina University and the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He received performance degrees on both cello and organ at the Cleveland Institute of Music with five years of scholarship aid to study with Ernst Silberstein the former principal cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra a position Paul’s son Mark holds now.

In 1972 Paul made his debut in New York City’s Town Hall. He has been also awarded grants to perform concerts from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts along with the University of Wisconsin Faculty Development Grant.

At the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Professor Kosower taught cello, organ and was Conductor of the University Chamber Orchestra which toured Minnesota and Wisconsin each year. The orchestra was chosen to play at the State Convention because of its excellence.

Professor Kosower has performed many concerts throughout the U.S. He has given concerts in the major cities of Cleveland, New York, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Washington D. C., Madison, San Francisco, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Toledo, Flint, Terre Haute, Duluth, Youngstown, and Chicago. Professor Kosower’s concerts have been broadcast many times over MPR, WPR, WCLV, WFMT, WUNC, and KANU.

In 1986 Paul went on a concert tour to Romania, Hungary and Austria with the Dolce Cello Trio consisting of himself, his daughter Paula and son Mark. The Dolce Cello Trio was already an established professional well known ensemble who a number of composers from the cities already had written compositions for. The Dolce Trio performed in Bucharest and Cluj Romania, Bucharest and Kiskunhalas Hungary. The trio concluded at Vienna, Austria. In 1983 the Dolce Trio was sponsored as a guest artist ensembles at the Second American Cello Congress performing for world renowned cellists, Rostropovich, Starker, Fournier, and Nelsovia. The event was was held at ASU. The Trio was then invited to perform at the Heard Museum in Phoenix for a reception held for famed Russisian Cellist Rostropovich.

Professor Kosower has soloed with orchestras numerous times including Scottsdale Symphony, the Mississippi Valley Orchestra of St. Paul, the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Symphony Orchestra, the Chippewa Valley Symphony, the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, the Manitowoc Symphony, the Minneapolis Civic Orchestra, the Aberdeen Symphony and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

In recent years Professor Kosower was invited to to give an Alumni concert in Mixon Hall at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Sunday Afternoon at the Chazen WPR, the National Gallery for the Arts and in 2017 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Lisbon Ohio based on his musical achievements.