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Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra reading sessions are open to musicians of all ages who can negotiate the music we play. It is not expected that one play the selections perfectly. A primary purpose of the reading sessions is to expose musicians to new material they don’t know, and also give one a chance to improve and enjoy music they already have played. String players either contact Craig Randal Johnson, attend on the recommendation of another musician, or simply show up. Wind and brass players please contact the music director first, in order to learn if space is available.

Craig Randal Johnson can be reached by email at: crjmhahamusic@gmail.com

Upcoming Reading Sessions

Stay Tuned!

The Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra is on hiatus until the pandemic has subsided, when it is safe to meet and play music together once again.  We will announce plans to resume our regular reading session activity at that time.

Music parts availability: Selections are generally available online at the free site IMSLP. For some works hard published copies are available, and printouts from IMSLP and other sources can be mailed out or passed out. Parts are sent by email to those attending the reading sessions, ahead of time.


The Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra entered its seventh season as the Twin Cities’ go-to orchestra for reading symphonic repertoire in Fall 2019.  The 2019-2020 season was cut short by the pandemic. Fortunately the Orchestra played its annual concert in January 2020, shortly before the pandemic arrived.  The orchestra has grown both in size and quality, and in the number of musicians who participate.  Often 35-45 musicians participate in any given reading session.  To date the orchestra has played through circa 120 musical selections including several large symphonies and orchestral tone poems. I’ve received considerable feedback from several musicians who tell me that their instrumental playing and music reading skills have improved because of the Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra. Our mission to probe into the symphonic repertoire and engage musicians is definitely succeeding!

I am grateful to Bob Fried for his work on the Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra website since our inception. Bob has handed off the website duties to others, but continues to be involved as an advisor to the Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra. We truly value his vast experience and knowledge.

I personally miss the contact with musicians, friends, new and old faces who play our reading sessions.  I hope and trust that folks who have played with our orchestra are safe and staying healthy during this difficult time.   Once the pandemic has passed, if you are interested in playing at Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra reading sessions please contact me at the email address below.

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Musician Participation

Musicians, regardless of age or background, are welcome to play with the Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra Repertory Orchestra. Participants are expected to read and play the repertoire selections, albeit not necessarily at the highest level of capability. Indeed, one purpose of this orchestra is to enable musicians to improve their skill set and play at a higher level. There is no official audition procedure, yet wind and brass players interested in playing should contact Craig Randal Johnson in advance, to learn what playing spots may be available, and to learn what expectations are for their instrument. The orchestra welcomes string players at any time.

The orchestra partially functions on a rotation basis, thereby allowing musicians to occasionally skip a reading session and permitting others to play. Persons who regularly play with the orchestra will have greater long term opportunities to play other functions presented by Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra, as well as avail themselves of concerto reading possibilities with the Repertory Orchestra.

Contact Artistic Director Craig Randal Johnson if you wish to play!

E-mail: crjmhahamusic@gmail.com
Phone: 612-804-9679

Season repertoire through 2020


From Highway 62/ Crosstown take the Tracy Ave. exit. Turn south. At the round-about proceed straight through and up the hill. Bear right at the stop sign at the top of the hill. Edina High School will be on your right. Proceed to the far entrance (at the Edina High School sign) and drive down the hill.   You will see Door 5 on the right, which is the main entrance. Park and go in Door 5. The orchestra room is up one floor; take either the steps or the nearby elevator. Turn right from the steps, or left from the elevator, go a short distance down the hall and through the brown doors on the right.   You will be at the orchestra room.